About Kirsten

Lucky Dog Training​ 

Kirsten is a dog trainer with more than 20 years of experience working with dogs and has been training dogs for about 14 years now. She has a passion for making the lives of dogs and their owners better. 
She began working with dogs, when she was 14, by volunteering at a veterinarian’s office where she learned to draw blood and give vaccinations. At 16 she began working there as a bather and volunteering when she was done bathing for the day. Kirsten started working in pet stores as a sales associate and bather at 18; she has also worked in a holistic pet store that only carried natural products, which has provided her with extensive experience and knowledge on pet food and health. She has 4 dogs of her own, all of which she rescued. Her dogs range in size from 10lbs to 73lbs: Mowry is a Chihuahua mix, Checkers is a terrier mix, Roxy is a Pitbull mix, and Argos is a hound dog mix.

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